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BNSF Pasco Washington returns to the airwaves after a 9 month hiatus from a new location

and utilizes all new equipment.

The stream page can be found here, and we encourage all Eastern Washington enthusiasts to

give the rejuvenated stream a listen, it's sounding better than ever! Welcome Back Pasco!



BNSF/UP Jointline Stream Returns to the Air Waves

After a nine month hiatus, the Jointline Stream has returned

and with a new commercial Kenwood mobile radio which is performing very nicely.

You can click here to be taken directily to the stream's information page. 

The Youtube page Scale Model Trains & Colorado's Joint Line does a very nice job 

of documenting the Joint Line operations in the area which our stream covers. Be sure 

and check out their page.


You can now listen to most of our Streams via Landline and Non Smartphone Cell

Thanks to a generous offer by Telecurve, we have added the ability

for railroadradio users to dial into the stream of their choice using their

landline phone or non-data-enabled cell phone

(Long distance charges may apply - depending on your Long Distance plan). 


On most every stream page you will see a link and quick

explanation on what no. to press on your phone's dial pad once you've

connected to Telecurve's main no. which is 712-432-3480.

You can also navigate to the stream of interest via the voice menu system

they have provided.


We have received very positive feedback from users who find

this very convenient when they are out in the field and either don't have a

smart phone, or don't have a good enough data connection to allow for

clear streaming.


It is also handy when a stream of choice has reached its listener

max count (Steam excursion trains usually do this).