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04/12/14 - CSX Rocky Mount, NC

This feed covers the Rocky Mount and Elm City area of the

South end subdivision on the Florence division of CSX's "A" line.

Some additional plans to boost receive performance are in the 

works, and if you want to experience North Carolina Railroading

this is the place to go to listen.


02/15/14 - UP San Francisco Bay (New Location)

Recently, the three Bay Area Streams (UP SF Bay/Coast 42/46 &

BNSF Stockton Sub) have been turned down due to loss of the 

stream location, as a result of property sales. These three streams

have been with Railroadradio.net since the very earliest of days 

and they will be missed. On the good news side of the balance

sheet, a UP SF Bay replacement stream has been erected and

while it is still a work in progress, it is hoped to provide a 

reasonable replacement for the East and Southern SF Bay. 

The stream page remains the same, you can go to it here.


01/03/14 - Phoenix Arizona (UP/BNSF/ACR)

Introducing our first new stream for 2014 - Phoenix Arizona! 

Coming to you from atop 4000' Elevation White Tank Mountain, 

we hear the UP, BNSF and Arizona California Railroads busily working

in this large geographic area.  You can listen to the stream here .


11/03/13 - UP Truckee (Donner Summit) California

Railroad Radio is delighted to welcome our latest stream from the 

top of the Sierra Nevada broadcasting from Truckee California. 

Just in time for winter when heavy snow fall can make operations

very challenging. We think you'll enjoy listening to this stream


08/24/13 - New Pittsburgh Area All-Shortline Stream

A new stream specializing in the very active Shortline and Regional 

Railroad activity in and around the Greater Pittsburgh area has been

turned up streaming from the same location as the existing Stream

which now specializes in CSX and NS Channels only. If you are interested

in following the Union RR, W&LE, AVR, B&LE, BPRR and P&OC operating in the 

Pittsburgh area this stream is for you!


05/12/13 - Central New Jersey Re-introduction

After several weeks of technical issues with the 

streaming computer, this stream is back on the air

with all new hardware. Give it a listen here .


02/21/13 - SouthEastern Wisconsin

Introducing our second Wisconsin based stream, which 

covers the CN, CP, UP and WSOR in the south east portion

of the state. You can go to the stream info page here.


01/21/13 - UPRR in Houston, TX

Announcing the return of a Houston Based stream

dedicated to to mostly Union Pacific activity.

This high elevation receive site located in the Downtown

area will not disappoint!


01/15/13 - Wisconsin & Southern 

Bringing you this regional railroad with the stream

receiver situated near Madison, WI - Old-School EMD

Hood unit motive power is the rule of the day for

this unique operation.