Welcome to RailroadRadio.net!


3/28/15 - Welcoming back Pittsburgh, PA

We are pleased to welcome back Pittsburgh to our streaming fold.

Receiving from the same location as before, it hears over a wide

area: CSX, NS and the regional / shortline railroads. Please give it

a listen here.

12/16/14 - Introducing Two New Streams!

Afton, Virginia joins us  providing railroad audio around the central

Shenandoah Valley and covering multiple railroads. Consisting of two

NS Districts (Washington and Roanoke) and two shortlines (Buckingham

Branch Railroad and the Chesapeak Western) This is a very 

active stream so give it a listen here .


Next, we're pleased to introduce the third in a series of high elevation

sites covering Arizona action The UP Wide Area Stream broadcasts 

from atop 8000' Mt. Pinal . This is an ALL UP stream consisting of the

Lordsburg, Gila and  Phoenix Sub.s and thanks to elevation of the site

 you can  hear pretty much everything there is within

a 100 mile range. You can lcheck it out here .



10/31/14 - MRL Bozeman and Belgrade Streams are online!

While Bozeman and Belgrade are fairly close to each other, terrain and stream 

receiver locations combine to provide for minimal overlappage between them.

Both streams share the same page and they are now online for your enjoyment. 

Welcome to MRL Helper Country!


10/18/14 - MRL Billings Area Stream is online!

We're pleased to announce another MRL location is online, and in the process of 

fine-tuning. Located in Billings, we may be able to receive Laurel Yard with some 

tweaking and antenna work. Initial results are encouraging. Give it a listen here.


9/21/14 - Bringing Missoula to you - The MRL has returned!

Yes, our efforts have been successful, we're pleased to announce the first Montana Rail Link

stream is online and now that we have the final antenna arrangement in place we have quite

a bit of traffic to listen to in and around the Missoula area.

Any MRL fan will welcome this new addition.. Mountain Railroading with Helpers,

all EMD power that is clean and well painted, what's not to love?  You can listen to it here. 

I can also report we have a Bozeman area stream under test, and we're hoping for atleast one more

in the Helena area for possible coverage of Mullan Pass.   


P.S.: If someone is wanting to know more about MRL and its current day operations we have created

this page listing various MRL online resources .


We recently discovered InterceptRadio.com a website which may be of interest to our listeners.

While based in the Pacific Northwest, they do cover all throughout North America providing 

detailed information pertaining to the monitoring of and operational information for Public 

Safety, Railroads, Ham and other entities. They provide a discussion area (which includes a 

dedicated Railroad section) and an Information Database (which is both searchable and in

Wiki format ). If you are an avid scanner enthusiast, they may be another valuable source of

information you don't want to miss. 


8/17/14 - Three Streams for Texarkana

At the stream host's request, we've just added a stream information page that

will take you to three different streams providing coverage of of UP's Pine Bluff,

Little Rock and Kansas City Southern's Shreveport Subdivisions.

These streams are hosted on the Broadcastify Network.

Have a listen here.